Pediatric HIV Infection: A Model for Cure

Deborah Persaud, MD
Associate Professor, Pediatrics, Infectious Disease
Director, Infectious Disease Fellowship Program
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Baltimore, MD

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At the completion of this educational session, learners will:

  1. Understand the pathogenesis of HIV latency and obstacles to a cure.
  2. Be aware of prophylactic and antiretroviral treatment strategies in infants and children.
  3. Gain knowledge on laboratory markers of HIV Cure.

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Deborah Persaud is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Director of the Fellowship Program in Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the Johns Hopkins University of School of Medicine. Her current research focuses on drug-resistant HIV reservoirs following mother-to-child HIV-transmission, the contraction and expansion of proviral reservoirs over time with effective HAART, virologic and immunologic markers of elite control of HIV replication through use of early HAART in children, and novel treatment strategies to facilitate elimination of HIV reservoir to achieve cure in HIV infected infants, children and youth globally.

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