Immune-mediated Mechanisms of Heightened Cardiovascular Disease Risk in HIV: Clinical Research and Clinical Implications

Markella V. Zanni, MD
Department of Medicine, Endocrinology Division
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

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At the completion of this educational session, learners will:
  1. Understand epidemiologic data comparing cardiovascular disease risk in populations with and without HIV.
  2. Appreciate immune-mediated mechanisms of heightened cardiovascular disease risk in HIV, which have been elucidated through clinical physiology studies.
  3. Recognize, in clinical practice, cardiovascular disease risk factors in HIV-infected patients.
  4. Be aware of potential future immune-modulatory therapeutic strategies to mitigate cardiovascular disease risk in HIV.

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Markella Zanni went to Harvard Medical School, completed her internal medicine residency and chief residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, followed by an endocrinology fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital, and then joined the MGH Faculty. Her main research interest is in immune-mediated mechanisms of cardiovascular disease risk in HIV. She has lead-authored and contributed to important papers on atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability and inflammation among HIV-infected patients in such journals as AIDS and JAMA. Dr. Zanni’s research has been recognized with a KL2 MeRIT award from the Harvard Catalyst and with a Claflin Distinguished Scholar award from MGH.

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