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July 20, 2011

The IAS calls for therapeutic and treatment strategies to cure HIV/AIDS

The IAS calls for therapeutic and treatment strategies to cure HIV/AIDS

Each IAS conference issues an impact statement that is the signature statement for that particular conference, and individuals and organizations are asked to sign on to the statement.

The Rome Statement for an HIV Cure calls for an acceleration of HIV cure research. The development of a functional cure which, without completely eliminating the virus from the body, would permanently suppress its replication and considerably diminish viral reservoirs, possibly leading to the long-term remission of patients.

Three key objectives have been voiced:
--recognizing the importance of developing a safe, accessible and scalable HIV cure as a therapeutic and preventive strategy against HIV infection and to help control the AIDS epidemic.
--committing to stimulating international and multidisciplinary research collaborations in the field of HIV cure research.
--encouraging other stakeholders, international leaders and organizations to contribute to accelerating HIV cure research through their own initiatives and/or by endorsing this statement and supporting the alliance that the Advisory Board is building.

Reporter Comment:
This is a practical statement and one with direct relevance to providers. Lower copy viral load assays help set the stage for “Functional Cure” with clinicians’ as they ask why they might want such an assay. These statements also serve as strategic planning documents. The International Scientific Working Group is co-chaired by Professor Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, IAS President-Elect and 2008 Nobel Laureate for Medicine, and Professor Steve Deeks, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Positive Health Program (AIDS Program) at San Francisco General Hospital.

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Source: Source: Reporting from Rome for PRN New from Rome, Italy: Bill Valenti, MD