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CROI 2013: Major HIV drug resistance mutations in ARV-naïve adolescents and young adults

The DHHS guidelines advise baseline resistance testing on HIV-infected clients before initiation of antiretroviral therapy due to elevated background prevalence of transmitted drug resistance mutations. Few studies however have investigated the prevalence of drug resistance mutations in adolescents and young adults. Dr. Christina Gagliardo from Columbia University Medical Center, NY, presented data today on a multicenter retrospective study that investigated transmitted drug resistance mutations among adolescent and young adults, attending 3 health centers in New York City. 212 of 313 clients between 12-25 years had baseline resistance performed. The subjects were ethnically and racially diverse and the group was predominantly MSM (92%). Review of genotypes revealed that 46 major drug resistance mutations were detected in 38 subjects (18%). The key mutations found were NNRTI (14%), nRTI (5%) and PI (3%). Of interest was that 4/5 clients had rilpivirine mutations prior to its FDA approval in 2011. This study revealed a higher prevalence of drug resistance mutations in NYC adolescents and young adults and underscores the need to obtain baseline drug resistance testing.

Gagliardo C ,Saiman L, Birnbaum J, Radix A,Foca M, Nelson J,Yin M, Brozovich A, West E, and Neu N. Major HIV Drug Resistance Mutations in ARV-naïve Adolescents and Young Adults: New York City. Presented March 5, 2013 at the 20th CROI, Atlanta, GA. Poster Abstract #952b.

Source: Reporting from Atlanta for PRN News: Anita Radix, MD, MPH