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CROI 2013: Is heart failure a looming problem in HIV?

HIV, hypertension, diabetes, alcohol abuse, and certain antiretroviral agents all are associated with increased risk of cardiac dysfunction. As patients with HIV-infection live longer with these conditions, heart failure may become increasingly common among cardiac co-morbidities. To examine the prevalence of heart failure among HIV-infected veterans, Freiberg et al. used the VACS database to study HIV-positive and HIV-negative participants free of CVD at baseline. New onset of HF was recognized by ICD-9 codes and heart failure was categorized by echocardiogram results.

After adjusting for multiple potential confounders, HIV-positive veterans were 60% more likely to develop heart failure than HIV-negatives. In these patients, heart failure with both preserved and reduced ejection fraction were more frequent, and heart failure diagnosed before age 50 was 3 times as likely among HIV-infected individuals.


Freiberg M, Chang C-C, Oursler KA, et al. The Risk of and Survival with Preserved vs Reduced Ejection Fraction Heart Failure by HIV Status. Presented March 4, 2013 at the 20th CROI, Atlanta Georgia. Abstract 750;

Source: Reporting for PRN News: David H. Shepp, MD